Beautiful Skin Begins Within

Aging is an ongoing process that generally begins at around age 30. A number of factors contribute to aging, both intrinsic factors that cannot be controlled, and extrinsic factors that can be modified. Factors such as smoking, prolonged and unprotected sun exposure, poor diet, improper hygiene, inattention to skin care, and stress can accelerate aging. Genetics and hormonal changes also play a role. Ultimately, with aging, there is a loss of natural oils, hydration, elasticity, fat, and collagen in skin, leading to dry, sagging skin without volume. It is not possible to stop the aging process; however, it can be delayed.

Visible skin aging begins around 30 years of age. The aging process affects skin structure, function, and appearance. These may include:

  • Decreased capillary circulation
  • Epidermal thinning
  • Sluggish cellular turnover
  • Decreasing collagen and elastin fibers
  • Abnormal water binding (hydration)
  • Decreased lipid content
  • Facial bone loss

Attraction to beauty is global, no matter how beauty is defined. Everyone wants to feel attractive and therefore, beautiful. There is no judgment that can be placed on that. It is not superficial or vain; it is reality, and this reality has economic, psychological, and social ripple effects in numerous cultures, whether they are recognized or not.

Attractiveness implies health. The investment in “looking good” may be protected to a certain extent with proper skin care, adequate exercise, stress reduction, and appropriate nutrition.

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